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City To Issue Special Trash Cans Designated For Throwing Away Charger Hopes


thung rac

MISSION VALLEY — The City of San Diego announced that it’s moving forward with its plan to issue a special garbage can to each household, designated for throwing away hopes for the Chargers’ next season.

The City’s Department of Waste Management felt the plan was necessary because at the end of every season, the city throws away all of their hopes at once, which creates a bottleneck at the Miramar Landfill.  The new cans will allow Charger fans to gradually throw away their hopes throughout the season, instead of disposing them in one lump sum when the team blows it during the playoffs.

“We simply can’t handle everyone throwing their hopes away at once when the Chargers get eliminated,” said Waste Management Technician Dan Roberts.

“During the playoffs we’ve had to hire hundreds of extra workers to help clean up streets littered with Charger hopes.  It got so bad, that at one point I saw a poor bird tangled up in Charger hopes at the beach,” added Roberts.

The city will soon be mailing out the monthly pickup schedule for the Charger Hope Cans.

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